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Off I go again


Wow, has it really been that long since poor Gertie came out. I am not surprised she looked dusty and unloved.

With everything going on in the world I have been thinking: I am overweight, extremely unfit, drink a little more than I should and enjoy cake. I really am not doing myself any favours given I am asthmatic. So I have decided I need to change though I am not going to make any radical suggestions of dieting or stopping the prosecco but instead I am going to become more active.

I am hoping that this will include Gertie, so this morning before I showered and put my loungewear on for work, (yes I am working from home lol) I got my cycle out, pumped her tyres up (well the OH did this for me ) and decided to go for a little tootle in our local woods. Now if you all remember inclines and I do not mix and getting to said woods I have an incline to get up as soon as I set off. With a positive frame of mind, and an inhaler safely tucked in my bag, off I went closely followed by the OH.

It was not a long or fast cycle but it was a cycle all the same. I managed it even with the final incline home. Though I did get to 18.8 miles an hour, I must have had my eyes shut at that part lol as I do not like speed and I love my brakes.

So tomorrow I have a plan to be active, Gertie and I are going out on a jaunt by ourselves, let’s see where we get to and hope I don’t get lost in the woods.

This entry was posted on April 28, 2020.