I made it!!!!!!!!


As the working week draws to an end I have achieved what I set out to achieve this week. Gertie and I are tentatively getting along. My biggest achievement was undoubtably the Whorral bank. I may not have managed all of it in one go but I was not to be beat, I walked the middle bit but managed to get back on and cycle to the top. There must be a knack to start cycling on a hill as I had a few false starts before I got Gertie heading in the right direction.

As I cycled to Morpeth (as you can see in the pics it was a little frosty and very dark), cycling in my own little argument with myself about will I or won’t I make it up the inclines, ( the hardest bit of cycling in the dark is you can not see the summit of the climbs, which of course I use the word summit in the loosest sense of the word lol, so I never know if I will get there or not) I heard a male voice from behind shouting ‘coming through, coming through’ now my bike must be top of the range as I have a bell to alert people I am passing, not that I pass many mind. This may have been better as I nearly fell off my bike with fright. Polite conversation past between us, ‘it’s not easy cycling in this’ he said, my response between the huffs and puffs agreed it was a challenge and off he cycled into the distance. While I contemplated how cyclists manage that with ease I hit the Whorral bank but heading down would be a breeze if I heeded the advice of my OH and not to use my front brakes, hmmmmm easier said than done, I love my front brake, it’s like a comforter lol. So I am concentration on not falling off when in front a bike appeared and shouted, ‘the paths not to icy you should manage… how did the mystery cyclist manage to get that far in front and start the journey back to where he came from while I had not got that far, and even more how is he able to converse while cycling up Whorral bank I just about managed a gasp when I tried it ?

Never mind I got back in the saddle this morning for my 3rd commute, a much nicer cycle but with a couple of short steep inclines but as you can see from the view they are worth the challenge.

So it’s nearly the Weekend, my favourite part of the week, we are planing a Sunday cycle which will involve my favourite hobby, cake and coffee. You never know that may get knocked off the top spot and cycling may just make it up there as a favourite hobby but I fear that may be far far in the distance. In the meantime our love/hate relationship will continue…

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