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Getting there


Well last weekend we took a break from our Sunday cycling and decided to have a day with the dogs on a lovely walk from Craster to Dunstanburgh Castle. It started a bit cloudy but the sun came out for all the mums enjoying Mothers Day. After tiring the dogs out walking round the castle we treated us and the dogs to a light lunch at Shoreline cafe. This is one of the cafe’s on/close to the cycle network and could possibly be something I worked up to cycling to by next year.

Don’t worry though I haven’t ignored Gerty, we have been spending time getting to know each other on my commutes to work and back.

So, this morning, the sun was shining through the window from 6 am, our oldest burst through the bedroom door a little while later asking if I wanted to join her at a spinning class… Now why would I put myself in a studio with sweaty people and loud music when I could cycle for breakfast with the sun shining. We persuaded Jade to join us, she even indulged our safety rules of a helmet with no complaints, and off we went. The sea was beautiful this morning with the sun shining on it as we traveled for breakfast.

The Drift Cafe was quite quiet at half nine, coffee ordered and pondering the breakfast menu both Jade and I decided on the scrambled egg with smoked salmon while the OH had the full English as usual.

Tummy full off we set back home and although I still struggled with my 3 nemesis areas I managed a little easier than when I first started and in fact I knocked 15 mins off the same ride a few weeks ago, so I must be doing something right.

So I now ask myself the well asked question, do I like cycling? I think honestly because I struggle it’s always a battle, but I am getting there and I am sure one day in the not to distant future I may even say yes to that question

Right no rest for the wicked out with the dogs for a walk around the lake with maybe a refreshment stop. Well it would be rude not 🙂


This entry was posted on March 22, 2015.

Too Windy to Cycle


IMG_9964Well it’s Sunday again and all I can hear is the howling wind. It’s too windy for me to cycle today, I would never manage it so we had to plan a different day that didn’t incorporate cycling for breakfast. After some humming and arghing it was settled. Lottie has just come out of heat and is desperate for a long walk, so it was decided off around the lake where both dogs can run themselves ragged. First and foremost to the field for some chasing the ball otherwise they are too excited on the lead and the walk stops being a pleasure 🙂 .

IMG_9963Half way around it was pitstop time, my walks are like my rides I need a treat to keep me going. Luckily for us there is a pub half way so for a quick coffee while sitting watching the swans and other birds. Then off for the last leg, we made it home all rosy cheeked, now hopefully the dogs will have a snooze while I put the kettle on.

Better luck next week at getting out on my bike…

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