The Drift Cafe


IMG_9876Well sore behind or not, I was adamant we were going out on our bikes for breakfast. So this morning bright eyed and bushy tailed we set off to time how long it would take me to cycle to work then onto a cafe by the sea for breakfast. I even planned and put my gel seat on in preparation for an uncomfortable ride. That is one thing I struggle to get used to, how uncomfortable bike seats are. I keep getting reminded you need to cycle so you get used to it, but when your behind is screaming it’s sore it’s the last thing you want to do. The one thing I didn’t bank on is how uncomfortable today would be.

As we cycled uphill most of the way back I tried so hard to take the grimace off my face as fellow cyclists cycled past. What surprised me the most was although I struggled with the usual inclines, (there are 3 on this ride that are known to be my nemesis and I crumble when I get to them) I managed to cycle up them with less effort than expected, however it was the pain in my butt that caused me the most distress.

I did make it back home just and I am now sitting with a cup of tea perched on my side as it is too painful to sit on my bottom contemplating was it worth it… Well on a whole I would say yes and next weekend can not come quick enough. Hmmm where to go to next weekend, ice cream or cake, the weather will probably decide 🙂


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