My poor behind!!


Well my Sunday morning plans of cycling to the coast for breakfast were put on hold this week. I had the pleasure of celebrating a friends 40th birthday at a roller disco. It seemed a great idea after a couple of alcoholic beverages, I was sure I would be as cool as I was in my youth. It’s like riding a bike you never forget!!!
Well on my second circle of the floor my confidence was growing then I came back down to earth with a bang, literally, as I landed on my bottom legs spread eagled out in front of me. My butt sore but worse, my pride. How was I going to get up in a dignified lady like way with all the hands in front of me to help with this manoeuvre. Well it was like Bambi on ice, I am definitely not as flexible as I once was. So head held high I shuffled on my knees to the nearest sturdy object, the DJ’s table and managed to compose myself into an upright stance. Needless to say this is the reason why no cycling today, I ache from top to bottom and can not sit in an upright position. So I have decided today may be a film and chocolate type day and Gerty (yes we have settled on a name for my bike 🙂 ) will have to wait for another day to enjoy the wind between her wheels.


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