I did it !!!


Finally after patiently waiting for the wind to die down I set off with hubby in tow for take two. This time we decided to cycle around the Lakeside, it’s only about 4 mile but most importantly there is a pub stop for coffee, cakes or an adult drink 🙂 . You see, in my eyes, if I am going to punish myself and get on my bike I need a reward to keep me going.

So off we went, I struggled a little on the way with the wind in my face but the bike was a dream to cycle, it wasn’t my legs that struggled it was more the lack of fitness, as I have been on a 6 month sabbatical from any form of exercise 🙂 .

Half way round and a fluid stop, sitting outside admiring the swans with a cold lager on a Sunday afternoon, nothing better, though the ice cubes I put in the hubby’s drink may have been a little bit of an oversight as with the temperature being just over 1 degree they may have not been needed.

Then off we went, the last part of the journey and the bit I was dreading, up hill all the way. Just a steady incline but an incline all the same, this is my nemesis and I’ve struggled here before, but I did it. Using the extra gears this bike has, it may not have been my quickest time but I made it to the top all the same. I gave myself a little smile, last year that would have beaten me and was enough of a reason not to get on my bike… Not this year!!

Well done me and now off for a well deserved hot bath!!!

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