Caffe Bertorelli


IMG_9941Sundays come round quickly and my treat this week is cake at Caffe Bertorelli in Newbiggin, I love cake nearly as much as my cup of tea. So with the dangled carrot we set off on a shorter ride than last week as my behind is still not right (and I think the other half was sick of me complaining about it lol).

We took the scenic route along the coast. There is one part of this ride where there is a steep incline (steep to me) with very little run up to it and a sharp right halfway up. The first time I tried it last year, I ended pushing my bike up it, partly as it caught me by surprise and partly cos I can not do hills (although I’m not the only one to fail at the first attempt, am I Jade? 😉 ). However today I knew it was coming, I planned my gears and went for it. Hubby went first and tried to get a pic of me puffing and panting, but guess what… I was almost too quick for the camera!!! I now really understand that the bike is as important as the rider, and I love my bike 🙂

So as a reward we stopped at the Caffe and enjoyed lumpy bumpy cake, it made me chuckle as it reminded me of what I looked like in my cycling gear.

We set off in the direction of home where I left the other half to put more miles in, I was happy with what I had managed today, and definitely enjoyed the cake!!

This week my goal is to cycle to work at least once, weather permitting, though will have to plan this as helmet hair could be a potential problem 🙂


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