Maiden Voyage


After weeks of looking for the right bike (my butt has never sat on so many seats believe me ­čÖé ), today I purchased my bike. I listened to all the advice my husband kept throwing at me……. Don’t go for colour!! Well as you get to know me colour is important and probably the first thing I notice. You will be pleased to know I had my sensible head on and even test drove the bike, until this week I did not know you were meant to try before you buy.

Excited to go out and ride my bike I quickly changed and, with hubby in tow, set off for a cycle to Newbiggin and back, not a long cycle about 5 mile, but you have to start somewhere. Off we went, wind in my hair and then 1.5 miles into our cycle I got a thorn in my front tyre, when it was took out all ┬áheard was the hiss of air from the tyre. I limped my bike back home while the other half went to complete his 100 miles for January without me. What was worse than the walk of shame with comments from the passers by was bumping into my mam who was on her way to work. I explained what had happened but not sure which she found more funny, my puncture or the fact I was cycling…………

Not the start I was expecting but will be something my other half will never let me forget!!!!!

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