Off I go again


Wow, has it really been that long since poor Gertie came out. I am not surprised she looked dusty and unloved.

With everything going on in the world I have been thinking: I am overweight, extremely unfit, drink a little more than I should and enjoy cake. I really am not doing myself any favours given I am asthmatic. So I have decided I need to change though I am not going to make any radical suggestions of dieting or stopping the prosecco but instead I am going to become more active.

I am hoping that this will include Gertie, so this morning before I showered and put my loungewear on for work, (yes I am working from home lol) I got my cycle out, pumped her tyres up (well the OH did this for me ) and decided to go for a little tootle in our local woods. Now if you all remember inclines and I do not mix and getting to said woods I have an incline to get up as soon as I set off. With a positive frame of mind, and an inhaler safely tucked in my bag, off I went closely followed by the OH.

It was not a long or fast cycle but it was a cycle all the same. I managed it even with the final incline home. Though I did get to 18.8 miles an hour, I must have had my eyes shut at that part lol as I do not like speed and I love my brakes.

So tomorrow I have a plan to be active, Gertie and I are going out on a jaunt by ourselves, let’s see where we get to and hope I don’t get lost in the woods.

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I made it!!!!!!!!


As the working week draws to an end I have achieved what I set out to achieve this week. Gertie and I are tentatively getting along. My biggest achievement was undoubtably the Whorral bank. I may not have managed all of it in one go but I was not to be beat, I walked the middle bit but managed to get back on and cycle to the top. There must be a knack to start cycling on a hill as I had a few false starts before I got Gertie heading in the right direction.

As I cycled to Morpeth (as you can see in the pics it was a little frosty and very dark), cycling in my own little argument with myself about will I or won’t I make it up the inclines, ( the hardest bit of cycling in the dark is you can not see the summit of the climbs, which of course I use the word summit in the loosest sense of the word lol, so I never know if I will get there or not) I heard a male voice from behind shouting ‘coming through, coming through’ now my bike must be top of the range as I have a bell to alert people I am passing, not that I pass many mind. This may have been better as I nearly fell off my bike with fright. Polite conversation past between us, ‘it’s not easy cycling in this’ he said, my response between the huffs and puffs agreed it was a challenge and off he cycled into the distance. While I contemplated how cyclists manage that with ease I hit the Whorral bank but heading down would be a breeze if I heeded the advice of my OH and not to use my front brakes, hmmmmm easier said than done, I love my front brake, it’s like a comforter lol. So I am concentration on not falling off when in front a bike appeared and shouted, ‘the paths not to icy you should manage… how did the mystery cyclist manage to get that far in front and start the journey back to where he came from while I had not got that far, and even more how is he able to converse while cycling up Whorral bank I just about managed a gasp when I tried it ?

Never mind I got back in the saddle this morning for my 3rd commute, a much nicer cycle but with a couple of short steep inclines but as you can see from the view they are worth the challenge.

So it’s nearly the Weekend, my favourite part of the week, we are planing a Sunday cycle which will involve my favourite hobby, cake and coffee. You never know that may get knocked off the top spot and cycling may just make it up there as a favourite hobby but I fear that may be far far in the distance. In the meantime our love/hate relationship will continue…

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Well here we go again…


Gertie at work

Poor Gertie was unloved for a number of months in the garage after my last flurry at cycling. Over time I did venture into the garage, usually for a bottle of Prosecco or ice cream, I would chat to her and pat her seat so she knew I hadn’t forgotten about her.

Well On a whim I joined a local Fat Club to help me lose weight, if I am left to my own devices I cheat. With this new found enthusiasm I also enrolled into a local gym in the attempt to improve my fitness. My goal being once I start I will wheel Gertie out of the garage and start cycling again. The OH never really stopped but didn’t get the miles he wanted in last year (so managed to persuade me to buy a trainer so he can cycle inside) but still went out and managed with what seemed like effortless enthusiasm. Where do you get this? If only it could be bottled, I would be first in line.

So I have tentatively dusted Gertie off, pumped her tyres up and off I went, slowly at first. Short little journey to work, maybe only a couple of miles each way, baby steps was my mantra. Then the weather changed and become a little to icy to cycle, so I have patiently waited for the milder mornings and today off I went at 6am on my trusty steed, there is only one thing about cycling to work… You have to cycle home, but I made it and even managed a smile and an “Afternoon” to the various animals I cycled past.

Tomorrow is a new day and a new challenge, if you remember I hate hills, what is like an incline to some, namely the OH is like Mount Everest to me, I am planning my biggest challenge yet, Whorral Bank!!!!!!!!

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Getting there


Well last weekend we took a break from our Sunday cycling and decided to have a day with the dogs on a lovely walk from Craster to Dunstanburgh Castle. It started a bit cloudy but the sun came out for all the mums enjoying Mothers Day. After tiring the dogs out walking round the castle we treated us and the dogs to a light lunch at Shoreline cafe. This is one of the cafe’s on/close to the cycle network and could possibly be something I worked up to cycling to by next year.

Don’t worry though I haven’t ignored Gerty, we have been spending time getting to know each other on my commutes to work and back.

So, this morning, the sun was shining through the window from 6 am, our oldest burst through the bedroom door a little while later asking if I wanted to join her at a spinning class… Now why would I put myself in a studio with sweaty people and loud music when I could cycle for breakfast with the sun shining. We persuaded Jade to join us, she even indulged our safety rules of a helmet with no complaints, and off we went. The sea was beautiful this morning with the sun shining on it as we traveled for breakfast.

The Drift Cafe was quite quiet at half nine, coffee ordered and pondering the breakfast menu both Jade and I decided on the scrambled egg with smoked salmon while the OH had the full English as usual.

Tummy full off we set back home and although I still struggled with my 3 nemesis areas I managed a little easier than when I first started and in fact I knocked 15 mins off the same ride a few weeks ago, so I must be doing something right.

So I now ask myself the well asked question, do I like cycling? I think honestly because I struggle it’s always a battle, but I am getting there and I am sure one day in the not to distant future I may even say yes to that question

Right no rest for the wicked out with the dogs for a walk around the lake with maybe a refreshment stop. Well it would be rude not 🙂


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Too Windy to Cycle


IMG_9964Well it’s Sunday again and all I can hear is the howling wind. It’s too windy for me to cycle today, I would never manage it so we had to plan a different day that didn’t incorporate cycling for breakfast. After some humming and arghing it was settled. Lottie has just come out of heat and is desperate for a long walk, so it was decided off around the lake where both dogs can run themselves ragged. First and foremost to the field for some chasing the ball otherwise they are too excited on the lead and the walk stops being a pleasure 🙂 .

IMG_9963Half way around it was pitstop time, my walks are like my rides I need a treat to keep me going. Luckily for us there is a pub half way so for a quick coffee while sitting watching the swans and other birds. Then off for the last leg, we made it home all rosy cheeked, now hopefully the dogs will have a snooze while I put the kettle on.

Better luck next week at getting out on my bike…

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Caffe Bertorelli


IMG_9941Sundays come round quickly and my treat this week is cake at Caffe Bertorelli in Newbiggin, I love cake nearly as much as my cup of tea. So with the dangled carrot we set off on a shorter ride than last week as my behind is still not right (and I think the other half was sick of me complaining about it lol).

We took the scenic route along the coast. There is one part of this ride where there is a steep incline (steep to me) with very little run up to it and a sharp right halfway up. The first time I tried it last year, I ended pushing my bike up it, partly as it caught me by surprise and partly cos I can not do hills (although I’m not the only one to fail at the first attempt, am I Jade? 😉 ). However today I knew it was coming, I planned my gears and went for it. Hubby went first and tried to get a pic of me puffing and panting, but guess what… I was almost too quick for the camera!!! I now really understand that the bike is as important as the rider, and I love my bike 🙂

So as a reward we stopped at the Caffe and enjoyed lumpy bumpy cake, it made me chuckle as it reminded me of what I looked like in my cycling gear.

We set off in the direction of home where I left the other half to put more miles in, I was happy with what I had managed today, and definitely enjoyed the cake!!

This week my goal is to cycle to work at least once, weather permitting, though will have to plan this as helmet hair could be a potential problem 🙂


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The Drift Cafe


IMG_9876Well sore behind or not, I was adamant we were going out on our bikes for breakfast. So this morning bright eyed and bushy tailed we set off to time how long it would take me to cycle to work then onto a cafe by the sea for breakfast. I even planned and put my gel seat on in preparation for an uncomfortable ride. That is one thing I struggle to get used to, how uncomfortable bike seats are. I keep getting reminded you need to cycle so you get used to it, but when your behind is screaming it’s sore it’s the last thing you want to do. The one thing I didn’t bank on is how uncomfortable today would be.

As we cycled uphill most of the way back I tried so hard to take the grimace off my face as fellow cyclists cycled past. What surprised me the most was although I struggled with the usual inclines, (there are 3 on this ride that are known to be my nemesis and I crumble when I get to them) I managed to cycle up them with less effort than expected, however it was the pain in my butt that caused me the most distress.

I did make it back home just and I am now sitting with a cup of tea perched on my side as it is too painful to sit on my bottom contemplating was it worth it… Well on a whole I would say yes and next weekend can not come quick enough. Hmmm where to go to next weekend, ice cream or cake, the weather will probably decide 🙂

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My poor behind!!


Well my Sunday morning plans of cycling to the coast for breakfast were put on hold this week. I had the pleasure of celebrating a friends 40th birthday at a roller disco. It seemed a great idea after a couple of alcoholic beverages, I was sure I would be as cool as I was in my youth. It’s like riding a bike you never forget!!!
Well on my second circle of the floor my confidence was growing then I came back down to earth with a bang, literally, as I landed on my bottom legs spread eagled out in front of me. My butt sore but worse, my pride. How was I going to get up in a dignified lady like way with all the hands in front of me to help with this manoeuvre. Well it was like Bambi on ice, I am definitely not as flexible as I once was. So head held high I shuffled on my knees to the nearest sturdy object, the DJ’s table and managed to compose myself into an upright stance. Needless to say this is the reason why no cycling today, I ache from top to bottom and can not sit in an upright position. So I have decided today may be a film and chocolate type day and Gerty (yes we have settled on a name for my bike 🙂 ) will have to wait for another day to enjoy the wind between her wheels.

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I did it !!!


Finally after patiently waiting for the wind to die down I set off with hubby in tow for take two. This time we decided to cycle around the Lakeside, it’s only about 4 mile but most importantly there is a pub stop for coffee, cakes or an adult drink 🙂 . You see, in my eyes, if I am going to punish myself and get on my bike I need a reward to keep me going.

So off we went, I struggled a little on the way with the wind in my face but the bike was a dream to cycle, it wasn’t my legs that struggled it was more the lack of fitness, as I have been on a 6 month sabbatical from any form of exercise 🙂 .

Half way round and a fluid stop, sitting outside admiring the swans with a cold lager on a Sunday afternoon, nothing better, though the ice cubes I put in the hubby’s drink may have been a little bit of an oversight as with the temperature being just over 1 degree they may have not been needed.

Then off we went, the last part of the journey and the bit I was dreading, up hill all the way. Just a steady incline but an incline all the same, this is my nemesis and I’ve struggled here before, but I did it. Using the extra gears this bike has, it may not have been my quickest time but I made it to the top all the same. I gave myself a little smile, last year that would have beaten me and was enough of a reason not to get on my bike… Not this year!!

Well done me and now off for a well deserved hot bath!!!

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Maiden Voyage


After weeks of looking for the right bike (my butt has never sat on so many seats believe me 🙂 ), today I purchased my bike. I listened to all the advice my husband kept throwing at me……. Don’t go for colour!! Well as you get to know me colour is important and probably the first thing I notice. You will be pleased to know I had my sensible head on and even test drove the bike, until this week I did not know you were meant to try before you buy.

Excited to go out and ride my bike I quickly changed and, with hubby in tow, set off for a cycle to Newbiggin and back, not a long cycle about 5 mile, but you have to start somewhere. Off we went, wind in my hair and then 1.5 miles into our cycle I got a thorn in my front tyre, when it was took out all  heard was the hiss of air from the tyre. I limped my bike back home while the other half went to complete his 100 miles for January without me. What was worse than the walk of shame with comments from the passers by was bumping into my mam who was on her way to work. I explained what had happened but not sure which she found more funny, my puncture or the fact I was cycling…………

Not the start I was expecting but will be something my other half will never let me forget!!!!!

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